Sunday, March 31, 2013

Eden's 6th Party

Just realised I never posted photos of Eden's disco party from last October! I know heaps of other events are missing, but parties are biggies!
The Lalaloopsy Doll cake - all edible except the candles (but one kid ate all the flower holdres!)
 Best photo I could get of Eden and her (still) best friend Jasmine.
 Best party entertainment ever! I've always loved doing the games and fun at parties, but handing over to Georgia Keir and Abby-Jane Taylor was an awesome idea! For anyone part of the CHB Dance Centre, definitely consider these entrepreneurial young ladies! 
 About to pllay a tasting game (NOT the kind Nathan and I used to play growing up, thankfully!)
Was a great day, and Eden's been planning her next party ever since - she will make a plan literally at least once a week! Cooper's first though, and not too far away! Yip, he's making plenty of plans too!

Sunday, March 31, 2013


Great start to March with this awesome certificate for Lachie, this is the bit that didn't fit on the front!
Cooper getting ready for bed...loving four independent kids!
Cooper made this plane at Bubbles
With Cooper at kindy two days a week, I needed a project, and the girls' wanted a reading this space
One project's not enough I designed this fundraiser for school, and guess who's running it! No better way to meet people! I also spend a day a week there helping out the Principal mainly with design and display jobs...loved photographing the Year 6 leaders on my first day! And I'll be coaching/umpiring the Lily's Year 4 netball team soon!
Yeah, I had a birthday in there somewhere...actually, the whole of Taranaki got a day off to celebrate with me, haha! We're at Waverly, Cave Beach
Eden (in cast # four!) desperate to copy Lily! 
 Oh well, only another week to go...
Cave Beach
Eden finds rainbows everywhere!
Same rainbow, different camera setting
Sunset walk over Hickford Park, along the coastal track, through Bell Block and return via the other corner of Hickford Park (our usual evening walk)
Another rainbow, the day before St Patrick's Day...the only half hour of rain that day was in the middle of our walk! 
Eden with cast on leg AND one on arm for suspected broken hand (different incident), just after this she was running with Honey and ran straight into a metal pole at cheek height...thankfully that's a more flexible bone as I was NOT going back to ED for the third day in a row! Plenty of ice but still a bruised cheek and massive black eye followed...that's "our" skatepark in the background
Lily and Honey
Views of the mountain wherever we go (including our dining room, deck and lounge!)
  Not too wet, but slightly too hyped for bed!
 Who let Lachie drive?!?!

Eden didn't get to dance the first NP competition of the year with her casts coming off during the week before, but it was fun watching Lily and all her new friends! Lachie missed it and we missed his cricket game, but he had fun with Sam at his Lego house!
Some medals...and at school assembly, the kids are invited to share any sporting or cultural awards they have nice to be acknowledged - and to have a dancing-fan as a Principal! (He doesn't dance, but his wife's a dance teacher)
 And with NO casts anymore, we discovered we live a 15 minute bush walk from a gorgeous beach!!!
 Would be so easy to caption this!

 Eden's drawing for Morgan (the cuts are meant to be there btw)
 Lily was so lucky to be part of Morgan's dance group doing an Irish performance for the NZ Motor Home Assn convention over Easter...and Biddy was proud too! Paula made gorgeous outfits (shame I forgot to photograph them up close) and I got to do the hairpieces (last minute!)...wee crowns if you can't see...might have to invest in a straightener as Lily initially freaked at having to have her hair ironed!
Was VERY hard to photograph (through glass, from down the back...high security for this convention!) you would guess, Lily's the little one in the middle :) There's seven girls in her dance here; 13 girls (I think) altogether
The finale - again that's Lily in the middle in the front
First sleep in in months on Good Friday, followed by the Truck Show convoy at 9.30 Saturday morning! (Kids in charge of cameras and iPods!).  Massive truck show/Child Cancer fundraiser at the end of our street, trucks parading through town first, honking all the way down the street (pity for the young guys next door who's party went very late!)...had to go for a walk with hundreds of other people to see at least a hundred huge trucks and one really short one - the kids could look in the cab while standing, but it's a heavy haulage mover (or something, tried not to learn too much!).
Out for a few hours to do the crazy supermarket thing while Lachie was at a friends, then once we got home, the return convoy started!
Great chocolaty Easter Sunday, three silultaneuos hunts, drive in the heavy heavy rain, many board games (then some more!), Narnia DVD then walk in the cloudless, sunny evening!
And yay, I've actually caught up here! Big chunks and many events missing...but at least you can see we're not MIA!

Friday, March 29, 2013


 Lily will wake on her birthday to see eight long wiggly balloons above her head!
Mt Taranaki
Walks along the beach with dinner
 First day at St John Bosco School
 Eden's foot...this time it really was broken bones - three metatarsals!
 First cast
Wasn't going to stop our first bike ride along the cycle track..even if I did have to pull an extra 20kg in the trailer!
 Many more walks along the beach with dinner, just a bit slower and not too far!
Rocking the crutches!
 Happy 10th birthday Lachstar!
 Where to start!
Yay, a walking cast! Hard to pick which colour she wanted though!
 Lachie's birthday day out incuded go carts
And a J Geeks concert
 Wacky hair day at school
Lachie sporting a superman hairdo!
The aftermath!
 Photos for Cooper's Bubbles (kindy) poster

 Cricket...hardball style!
 And kiwi cricket for beginners...Lily got player of the day on her first game and four wickets at this game, her second!
Te Rewa Rewa Bridge